F35 Upgrade Test Day

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Username Profile dnf current dnf current encrypted dnf previous dnf previous encrypted gnome-software current workstation gnome-software previous workstation Comments
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Aramis MSI Prestige 15, Intel i7-10710U, UHD Graphics
Budhaditya Saha dnf current
Coolomatics Gigabyte A520M S2H, AMD Ryzen 5 3600, 16 GB RAM
Daniels Lenovo Lenovo ideapad 2in1 14: Intel® Pentium(R) CPU 4415U @ 2.30GHz × 4: Fedora Linux 35 (Workstation Edition Prerelease) Gnome 41 [1] 1. Peter V. Daniels A OK. Completed straight through to the reboot : Current workstation.
FreddyW VirtualBox
Nalsai Intel DH67CL i5 2500
ToeJet Dell Latitude E7470, [1] 1. Additional repos (RPMFusion, Slack, VirtualBox, copr... ) Not impacted by upgrade.
aalam AMD 5700G + B550-F wifi [1] 1. network card Intel® I225-V 2.5Gb was not working with Fedora 34, so not working after upgrade.
akumar99 WS, VM, en_US, x86_64 [1] [2] 1. No Gnome tour came up for this one after the update, It came up in Fedora 33 to 35 upgrade
2. Had to update system packages else I was facing issues in downloading the Fedora 35. The error was related to GPG keys.
akza07 Acer Aspire A515-51G i5-8250U Intel UHD 620 / Nvidia MX150 [1] 1. #2011706, #, Kernel seems to have an issue. Random system error on kernel-core that don't produce enough information to make a report. But everything is functional. Firefox will act weird if opened without doing software update first. Not sure if it's system specific issue.
alciregi KVM on Proxmox VE, x86_64, UEFI
bhavin192 x86_64 bare metal
bittin Virtualbox
collinjc kvm
dberto Gnome-boxes Amd ryzen 5 1600 [1] 1. the upgrade of fedora 34 to 35 is working very good throught dnf
donaldsebleung KVM
donaldsebleung VirtualBox
ejnersan HP Elitebook 840 G4 [1] 1. Tested with RPM Fusion enabled
ersen virt-manager
geraldosimiao Kvm/qemu/virt-manager [1] [2] 1. UEFI virtual machine
2. UEFI virtual machine
ibims VirtualBox 6.1.26
ivanhoe1024 VMWare Virtual Machine on Macbookpro9,2 [1] 1. #1982817, #2001279, After reboot, no audio adapter is found. Relevant Pipewire packages (pipewire, pipewire-alsa, pipewire-libs, pipewire-pulseaudio...) are installed and updated to f35, but no adapter is shown in Settings nor the volume bar is shown on the Top bar of Gnome-shell. A "dnf install pipewire-media-session --allowerasing" and "systemctl --user enable --now pipewire-media-session" shows the audio adapter (only analog audio output, though, not the main laptop speakers)
jimtahu ROG Strix Z370-H Intel Core i7-8086K running KDE 5.87.0 / Plasma 5.22.5 (KWin) [1] 1. Upgrade itself went cleanly, but no sound devices were available. After poking around a bit I found I had to manually enable and start wireplumber `systemctl --user enable --now wireplumber`, after which everything worked fine.
kalvinist x86_64 bare metal
mcinglis System76 Lemur Pro (lemp10) i7-1165G7 16GB M2.SSD-1
mlouage Intel NUC7i3BNK
mlouage Workstation
nalsai Intel DH67CL i5 2500
nielsenb HP Compaq 8510w Intel T9300 AMD RV630 BIOS
omarbot Fedora Workstation dnf current [1] 1. The current version was an updated bare minimum f34 running on a virtual machine. Some plugins needed to be re-enabled, e..g., gmpopnh264.
patrick Physical workstation, AMD CPU [1] 1. #2010161, #2010166, #2004409, Upgrade works but problems with some packages
rai510 Baremetal Gigabyte B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI AMD Ryzen 5 3400g
rai510 Gnome Boxes Amd ryzen 1800x
rai510 Gnome Boxes Amd ryzen 3400g
rai510 Gnome Boxes Amd ryzen pc 1
robarias ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. VivoBook_ASUS Laptop E210MA_L210MA 4gb ram [1] 1. Everything went smoothly, fast, all settings were mantained.
royboy626 Gigabyte GA-H55M-S2H; GeForce GT 730; en_US; BareMetal; 4Gb RAM [1] 1. Pre upgrade, booted to multi-user(3) by adding '3' to 'linux' line via GRUB; download complete; `dnf system-upgrade reboot` and again edited menuentry via GRUB to multi-user. Booted to text log in. Logged in and rebooted, leaving everything alone (GUI boot default), and upgrade of packages went to completion. PASSED
sammy Fedora VM running in gnome boxes. Hardware is HP 240 g8 notebook with i3 1005g1 processor, 8gb ram, iris plus integrated graphics, 1tb hdd [1] 1. #0, Update download was very fast.Transaction check took long time(30-40mins). Update installation took long time( more than 40 mins).
sayaksarkar Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-33-1.2.iso on KVM/qemu/virt-manager
sayaksarkar Fedora-Workstation-Live-x86_64-34-1.2 on KVM/qemu/virt-manager
siddharthvipul1 x86_64, virtmanager
stvhawes MacbookAir 2015 [1] [2] 1. Initially, I could not complete the 'system-upgrade download --refresh --releasever=35' until I removed an arduino package I rarely use 'dnf remove arduino'. Probably available nowadays via snapstore instead.
2. Auto detected and removed incompatible arduino (with good popup)
twelvevolt Bare Metal/x86_64
vbutilca [1] 1. Tested on Fedora34-x64 VM. Virtual BOX Hypervisor.
vbutilca VM(4xcores, 4GB RAM, 50GB HDD), VirtualBox Hypervisor
yonatankahana Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Intel i7-8565U


Username Profile dnf current dnf previous Comments
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donaldsebleung VirtualBox
fantom x86_64 machine (f34 fresh install) [1] 1. None.
ibims VirtualBox 6.1.26


Username Profile dnf current dnf previous Comments
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Seabass-Chan Bare Metal, ASUS GL752V, Intel i7-6700HQ CPU
donaldsebleung VirtualBox
fbiete Physical PC: AMD Ryzen 1300X, Radeon RX 570, Gigabyte AB350, 16GB DDR4
geraldosimiao Baremetal Acer Aspire i7-3632QM
jj9987 Lenovo Thinkcentre with Ryzen 4750G
magicmike kvm/qemu/libvirt VM: CPU: i7-5820K @ 3.30GHz Memory:15.5 GiB GPU: AMD BONAIRE [1] 1. Had to press the ESC key multiple times to get the graphical update screen to finally show. Afterwards, ran to completion without any problems.
xfgusta Fedora 34 (Workstation) running qemu/kvm with virt-manager.


Username Profile graphical upgrade dnf upgrade current dnf upgrade prev Comments
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imaster7.sistemas@gmail.com (lanmaster) VM VirtualBox / Cinnamon / x86_64 / Ext4 [1] 1. Congratulations Fedora team, very good, this version really promises big improvements. The only observation is that I needed to change the login screen to "Cinnamon Software Rendering" option, otherwise it is on a white screen and the Apps are even called but they are not shown on the screen preventing interaction with them <<-- pay attention to this detail. Cinnamon version 5.0.5 is amazing. Other Apps tested: Firefox, Kolourpaint, Java-11, Google Chrome and even Edge Dev Edition worked.
norbertj Xfce Spin on KVM/qemu/virt-manager [1] 1. Upgrade commands worked as expected, but the upgraded VM behaved strangely after login with existing user to Xfce desktop. Reactions to mouse activities (open menu, launch application, move window) were delayed by 60~80s, and no sound device was available. A new created user didn't show those delays, but was still without sound. I then tried a fresh install from the F35 Beta live image and that resulted in a nicely working VM without those issues.
rebtoor Fedora-i3-Live-x86_64-34-1.2 on KVM/qemu/virt-manager
twelvevolt Bare Metal/x86_64/Fedora-Games/Xfce


Username Profile dnf previous dnf current Comments
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donaldsebleung VirtualBox
mcinglis System76 Lemur Pro (lemp10) i7-1165G7 16GB M2.SSD-1 [1] 1. LUKS-encrypted. Used USB-C ethernet, as no wifi software/firmware on minimal install.
twelvevolt Bare Metal/x86_64
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