F27 Kernel 4.13 Test Day

More information about the event can be found here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2017-09-27_Kernel_4.13_Test_Day
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Regression Test

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Renault F27 x86_64 HP Elitebook 8560w [1] 1. Default and performance tests passed
alciregi 4.13.3-300.fc27.x86_64 UEFI - default test
alciregi 4.13.3-300.fc27.x86_64 UEFI - performance test
alciregi 4.13.3-301.fc27.armv7hl Raspberry Pi 3 [1] 1. default, performance and destructive tests passed
alciregi 4.13.3-301.fc27.x86_64 UEFI - default test
baleeiro 4.13.3-301.fc27.x86_64 stress [1] 1. Test suite called with stress ./default/posix_timers PASS ./default/selinux-dac-controls PASS ./default/mq-memory-corruption PASS ./default/cachedrop PASS ./default/memfd PASS ./default/paxtest PASS ./default/stack-randomness PASS ./default/sysfs-perms PASS ./default/timer-overhead PASS ./default/libhugetlbfs SKIP ./default/modsign SKIP ./default/insert_leap_second PASS ./stress/ltp FAIL ./stress/rcutorture PASS ./thirdparty/nvidia-module PASS Test suite complete FAIL
cialu F27 WS x86_64 Box [1] 1. Both standard and performance tests passed.
siddharthvipul1 4.13.3-300.fc27.x86 - F27-20170926
tenk KernelTest live image on Asus Laptop
tenk KernelTest live image on Virtualbox on Fedora 26 guest
vashirov 4.13.3-300.fc27.x86_64 [1] 1. default and performance tests passed
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