F28 i18n test day

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Fedora 28 changes

Username Profile Fontconfig 2.13 Chinese Default Fonts to Google Noto Japanese Default Fonts to Google Noto Korean Default Fonts to Google Noto Glibc collation update and sync with cldr IBus_Unicode_Typing Comments
Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result
@pict student
aalam [1] 1. $LANG=pa_IN.utf8 fc-match Lohit-Gurmukhi.ttf: "Lohit Gurmukhi" "Regular"
aalam pa_IN
alciregi it_IT [1] 1. DejaVuSans.ttf: "DejaVu Sans" "Book"
bbarve de_DE [1] 1. 1. fc-match output is: DejaVuSans.ttf: "DejaVu Sans" "Book"
bhavin192 hi_IN [1] [2] [3] [4] 1. Tested using `LANG=zh_CN.utf8 fc-match` and `LANG=zh_TW.utf8 fc-match`
2. Tested using `LANG=ja_JP.utf8 fc-match`
3. Tested using `LANG=ko_KR.utf8 fc-match`
4. #1554813,
dukebarman ru_RU [1] [2] 1. fc-match output: `DejaVuSans.ttf: "DejaVu Sans" "Book"`
2. $ fc-match serif:lang=ja NotoSerifJP-Regular.otf: "Noto Serif JP" "Regular" $ fc-match sans:lang=ja NotoSansJP-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans JP" "Regular" $ fc-match monospace:lang=ja NotoSansMonoCJKjp-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans Mono CJK JP" "Regular"
hmontemor pt-BR [1] [2] 1. #0, It works properly
2. #0, It works properly.
jsmith [1] [2] [3] 1. Used "LANG=zh_CN fc-match && LANG=zh_TW fc-match" to test. Didn't work until I installed all the google-noto-sans-cjk-* packages.
2. Tested according to the information in https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1336308
3. Tested by running "ibus emoji" from the CLI and then typing "copyright" in the search box and ensuring that that COPYRIGHT SYMBOL was one of the results.
lnie zh-CN
lruzicka cs_CZ [1] [2] 1. fc-match produces: DejaVuSans.ttf: "DejaVu Sans" "Book"
2. "ibus emoji" command works also in Fluxbox
petersen ja [1] [2] [3] 1. tested with "LANG=zh_CN fc-match ..."
2. LANG=ko_KR fc-match
3. #1554714, #1554725,
pnemade hi_IN [1] [2] 1. fc-match is giving output correct for given environment language
2. emoji picker working fine. Translations looks missing or when run as different language always giving interface in CJK.
pnemade ja_JP [1] 1. fc-match output to "Noto Sans JP"
pnemade ko_KR [1] 1. fc-match output to Noto Sans KR
pnemade zh_CN
pravins gu [1] [2] 1. Went well. It shows Lohit-Gujarati.ttf: "Lohit Gujarati" "Regular"
2. $ fc-match sans:lang=zh-tw NotoSansTC-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans TC" "Regular" $ fc-match sans:lang=zh-cn NotoSansSC-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans SC" "Regular"
pyadav hi_IN [1] [2] [3] 1. Tested with LANG=zh_CN.utf8 fc-match > NotoSansSC-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans SC" "Regular" LANG=zh_TW.utf8 fc-match > NotoSansTC-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans TC" "Regular"
2. Tested with LANG=ja_JP.utf8 fc-match > NotoSansJP-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans JP" "Regular"
3. Tested with LANG=ko_KR.utf8 fc-match > NotoSansKR-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans KR" "Regular"
renault fr_FR F28 x86_64
roca [1] [2] [3] 1. fc-match DejaVuSans.ttf: "DejaVu Sans" "Book"
2. Font not found; Test input: Text Editor, Evolution. Result en character set, font
3. Noto KR font family does not load. Test keyboard input displays en characters: Text Editor, Evolution [liveuser@localhost-live ~]$ fc-match sans:lang=ko NotoSansKR-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans KR" "Regular"
roca https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts/user/view/roca?_csrf_token=ea2b2f74eb39b5e96e3e6ac3dfe595ff9ee86058 [1] [2] [3] 1. [liveuser@localhost ~]$ fc-match DejaVuSans.ttf: "DejaVu Sans" "Book" [liveuser@localhost ~]$ fc-match -f "%{family}: %{lang}\n" DejaVu Sans: aa|ab|af|ar|ast|av|ay|az-az|az-ir|ba|bm|be|bg|bi|bin|br|bs|bua|ca|ce|ch|chm|co|cs|cu|cv|cy|da|de|el|en|eo|es|et|eu|fa|fi|fj|fo|fr|ff|fur|fy|ga|gd|gl|gn|gv|ha|haw|he|ho|hr|hu|hy|ia|ig|id|ie|ik|io|is|it|iu|ka|kaa|ki|kk|kl|ku-am|ku-ir|kum|kv|kw|ky|la|lb|lez|ln|lo|lt|lv|mg|mh|mi|mk|mo|mt|nb|nds|nl|nn|no|nr|nso|ny|oc|om|os|pl|pt|rm|ro|ru|sah|sco|se|sel|sh|shs|sk|sl|sm|sma|smj|smn|sms|so|sq|sr|ss|st|sv|sw|tg|tk|tl|tn|to|tr|ts|tt|tw|tyv|ug|uk|uz|ve|vi|vo|vot|wa|wen|wo|xh|yap|yi|yo|zu|ak|an|ber-dz|ber-ma|crh|csb|ee|fat|fil|hsb|ht|hz|jv|kab|kj|kr|ku-iq|ku-tr|kwm|lg|li|mn-mn|ms|na|ng|nv|ota|pap-an|pap-aw|qu|quz|rn|rw|sc|sd|sg|sn|su|ty|za
2. Fonts are not available in applications. Tested: Text Editor, Evolution [liveuser@localhost-live ~]$ fc-match sans:lang=zh-tw NotoSansTC-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans TC" "Regular" [liveuser@localhost-live ~]$ fc-match sans:lang=zh-cn NotoSansSC-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans SC" "Regular"
3. [liveuser@localhost-live ~]$ fc-match sans:lang=zh-tw NotoSansTC-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans TC" "Regular" [liveuser@localhost-live ~]$ fc-match sans:lang=zh-cn NotoSansSC-Regular.otf: "Noto Sans SC" "Regular"
sandeeps mr_IN
spathare mr_IN [1] [2] [3] 1. tested with LANG=zh_CN.utf8 fc-match sans
2. tested with LANG=ja.utf8 fc-match
3. tested with LANG=ko_KR fc-match
suanand hi_IN
tagoh ja
tagoh ko
tagoh zh_CN
tagoh zh_TW
tenk Fedora 28 in VirtualBox en
tenk ja_JP
till de_DE.UTF-8 [1] 1. The test instructions do not tell me what the expected outcome of this command should be. I saw that "de" is in the output so I guess it is ok. The instructions are just: Check if no missing language coverage in your default font fc-match -f "%{family}: %{lang}\n"
vishalvvr hi-IN
zdenek cs_CZ

Input(overall) tests

Username Profile ibus ibus-typing-booster Comments
Enter result Enter result
alciregi it_IT
bbarve de_DE [1] 1. typing-booster input issues observed on login and activities screen. Not able to use it as expected.
bhavin192 hi_IN
dukebarman ru_RU
lnie zh-CN [1] [2] 1. #1554712,
2. #1554697, #1554701,
lruzicka cs_CZ [1] 1. The booster did not work correctly at first. It only suggested emoji and wanted hunspell for czech language support. I had to install the "hunspell-cs" package to give it the dictionary data. After that it was fully working, but the responses were quite slow to my liking. I could type faster without this on.
pnemade hi_IN [1] [2] [3] 1. Alt-Gr is working fine by default when just selected inscript2 keymap.
2. Used region panel from g-c-c and added input methods. Able to use them successfully.
3. input working fine.
pyadav hi_IN [1] 1. New words are getting added to database after commit and input is also working fine
renault fr_FR F28 x86_64
sandeeps mr_IN
spathare mr_IN [1] 1. Conjunct rendering issue on terminal
tagoh ja [1] 1. #1554724,
tenk Fedora 28 in VirtualBox
tenk ja_JP [1] 1. #1552668,
vishalvvr hi-IN
zdenek cs-CZ

Input(language specific) tests

Username Profile ibus-bogo (Vietnamese) ibus-hangul (Hangul) ibus-kkc (Japanese) ibus-libpinyin (Simplified Chinese) ibus-libzhuyin (Traditional Chinese) ibus-m17n (Indic) ibus-cangjie (Traditional Chinese) ibus-cangjie (Traditional Chinese) Comments
Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result
aalam pa_IN [1] 1. #1554980, Input was working fine, Alt+Gr is working by default. While clicked on ibus icon and select 'show keyboard', there was crash. Selected keyboard was 'Jhulem' for Punjabi
lnie zh-CN
pnemade hi_IN [1] 1. m17n keymaps are usable and no issues.
roca en_US [1] 1. Tested draft in Evolution
sandeeps mr_IN [1] 1. #1493039,
spathare mr_IN
tagoh ja
tenk Fedora 28 in VirtualBox

Rendering/Printing tests

Username Profile Applications Browsers Harfbuzz related Comments
Enter result Enter result Enter result
bbarve de_DE
dukebarman ru_RU [1] 1. Combination alt+shift for changing input layout doesn't hide firefox menu (press only alt) and you cannot start to write
jsmith [1] 1. The website could not be found -- has the URL changed from http://utrrs-i18nqe.rhcloud.com/ to something else?
lruzicka cs_CZ
pnemade hi_IN [1] [2] 1. This is nice gnome-terminal, firefox came translated. libreoffice also working fine translated due to its startup script installed langpack.
2. Looks like we QE have changed to test system URL. Its updated in test case now. Thanks jsmith for testing this test case.
renault fr_FR F28 x86_64
roca ja_JP [1] [2] 1. All Gnome desktop windows displayed Kanji. Evolution, GEdit displayed Kanji, no issues.
2. Firefox rendered Kanji and printed successfully to PDF file
sandeeps mr_IN
tagoh ja
till de_DE.UTF-8 [1] [2] 1. #1514536, https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=1514536 was already reported for Fedora 27
2. The test case application is missing the "latin capital letter sharp s". It was introduced not too long ago. It works when I manually copy and paste it from wikipedia, though. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capital_%E1%BA%9E
zdenek cs-CZ [1] 1. The page link is http://utrrs-utrrs.6923.rh-us-east-1.openshiftapps.com/

Other tests

Username Profile fonts-tweak-tool langpacks packages (obsoleted by dnf-langpacks plugin package) Comments
Enter result Enter result
aalam pa_IN [1] [2] 1. Able to switch default fonts to different fonts. Awesome tool
2. Punjabi language package was not installed: #sudo dnf list installed "langpacks*" installed packages langpacks-en.noarch 1.0-12.fc28 @koji-override-0
bbarve de_DE
dukebarman ru_RU
lruzicka cs_CZ [1] [2] 1. I could not switch on and off any settings. The slider always returned to its original state.
2. I have not tested removing the packages.
pnemade hi_IN [1] 1. langpacks are working file as per given in test case commands
renault fr_FR F28 x86_64 [1] 1. #1380069, The same issue, again and again
sandeeps mr_IN
spathare mr_IN
tagoh ja [1] 1. #1380069, saw same issue here for keep glibc-langpack-* on removing
till de_DE.UTF-8 [1] 1. #1555745, The test cases seem to work, however libreoffice also makes gnome software ask to install libreoffice-langpack-de which then fails. It is install with dnf, though. Maybe gnome-software should be included in the test cases IMHO.
zdenek cs-CZ

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