F29 Fedora Media Writer test day

More information about the event can be found here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2018-07-12_Fedora_Media_Writer
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Basic tests

Username Profile Basic (Fedora) Basic (Windows) Basic (MacOS) Basic (ARM) Comments
Enter result Enter result Enter result Enter result
AnilKul thinkpad Z lenovo running fedora 29 i7 16gb
Anisha Fedora 29 WS Pre-release
BikramUTD Fedora 29 Dell Latitude
Jain Lavana Fedora 28 [1] 1. #1574717,
alciregi [1] 1. Maybe I'm a dumb Mac user, but I was unable to mount the FMW dmg image https://alciregi.fedorapeople.org/screenshot/macfwm.png
alciregi F28 [1] [2] 1. #1574717, Selecting Fedora Server, FMW crashes mbriza is aware of that
2. If selinux is enforcing, FMW is unable to burn an SD card with armv7 image https://alciregi.fedorapeople.org/screenshot/fmwarmv7.png
alciregi F28 KDE [1] 1. F28 KDE bootable USB successfully created (and booting) from F28 Workstation
desubham Fedora 29
k9008y Fedora 29 WS Pre-release on Tosiba
kparal test [1] [2] 1. test
2. test
lruzicka Fedora 28 BIOS
lruzicka Fedora 28 EFI
lruzicka Fedora 29 BIOS
lruzicka Fedora 29 EFI
mattecatte Lenovo 720s Windows 10 version 1803
renault F28 x86_64
sumantrom Fedora 29 T460s
u2ki Fedora 29 WS
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