F30 Gnome 3.32 test day

More information about the event can be found here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2019-02-27_Gnome_3.32_Test_Day
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Basic Tests

Username Profile desktop browser desktop login audio basic desktop menus desktop update notification Comments
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alciregi MacBookPro5,5 with noveau driver
asciiwolf desktop browser
asciiwolf libvirt KVM [1] [2] 1. Sound doesn't work for some reason, but is probably a VM (libvirt/KVM VM in GNOME Boxes) issue, not a Fedora one.
2. #1683814, I am using Fedora Silverblue and desktop notifications seem to work fine here, anyway today's Flatpak update failed to show in GNOME Software for some reason.
bbarve libvirt kvm [1] 1. #1684424 - [ja_JP] [Firefox] Not able to commit Japanese input from the candidate list, on address bar or search field.
danniel libvirt KVM
frantisekz Bare Metal / F30 [1] 1. #1673710, GNOME Boxes fails hard :/
jlanda libvirt KVM guest @ fc29 [1] 1. #1673710, #1677732, #1683951,
lruzicka IBM ThinkPad 460s
lruzicka Virtual Machine [1] [2] 1. I could not figure out why, but in my VM there is no sound in F30. I am running Fedora 30 inside of Fedora 30, so I will have to recheck in other systems as well.
2. I did not get any notification. I suppose that my system was all updated and did not require anything. Just reporting the status.
luya HP Envy x360 15-cp0xxx (Ryzen 2500U APU)
masami libvirt kvm [1] 1. Got a notification for fedora-chromium-config package.
suprith4989 MacBook Pro 5'5
yisooan GNOME Box (VM) [1] 1. The update was fedora-chromium-config and it worked well.
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