F31 Upgrade Test Day

More information about the event can be found here: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2019-09-23_F31_Upgrade_Test_Day
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Username Profile dnf current dnf current encrypted dnf previous dnf previous encrypted gnome-software current workstation gnome-software previous workstation Comments
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Mihai DOBOGA Oracle VirtualBox on Win10 64bit | Ryzen 5 1600X on X370 chipset | Radeon RX 580 | Samsung NVMe [1] 1. A little slow at times but went smooth, no issues.
acd Virtualbox 6.0.12 with Oracle extension pack on MacOS 10.14.6. Booting via EFI. No vbox "Guest Additions". LVM but no disk encryption.
agarwalvarshit Oracle VM 12 GB Ram Dell i3
agarwalvarshit Oracle VM 12 GB Ram Dell i3 Processor
alciregi KVM, x86_64, bios, video qxl
alciregi Toshiba Portege R930 i5 4GB RAM
ankursinha 2 machines: my personal Thinkpad, and a custom university workstation [1] 1. Ran into the libgit2 module issue, which requires `sudo dnf module reset` (being discussed here: https://pagure.io/fesco/issue/2230)
archmunky Qemu using ext4 filesystems [1] 1. First download failed, second attempt succeeded. No problems after that.
archmunky Qemu, lvm, encrypted
boomolezka CPU: Ryzen 7 2700, MB: msi x570a pro, GPU: msi RX570
boomolezka Ryzen 7 2700, MB: msi x570a pro, msi RX570
bt0dotninja ThinkCentre M900z bare metal [1] 1. smooth without problems
ffloreth HP ProBook 6550b
himank98 hp pavilionx360 i7 16gb RAM
jibecfed workstation, x68_64, fr_FR, bare metal
julianv thinkpad T440p Dual boot fedora and Kali i5 16G RAM [1] 1. vagrant and VBox provider are working after upgrade.
lhirlimann Carbon x1 6th geeration
lnie T460s
lruzicka Various machines, VMs
nielsenb HP Compaq 8510w Intel T9300 AMD RV630 BIOS
notjustin 2 machines; x86_64; Intel i7-4510U and AMD A10-5700 [1] 1. Hit the libgit2 issue on both machines too. For one machine I removed the package and upgrade continued uninterrupted. For the second machine I ran a dnf module reset to solve the problem, otherwise upgrade was successful!
subhamrai03 VM
sumantrom T460s F30->F31 [1] 1. libgit2-0.27.8-1.module_f30+2959+693db98d.x86_64 chromium-libs-media-freeworld-75.0.3770.100-3.fc30.x86_64 rubygem-asciidoctor-pdf-1.5.0-0.9.alpha.16.fc30.noarch exa-0.8.0-13.module_f30+4041+ebfd9240.x86_64 needed to be removed. I guess all rust apps needs to be removed before upgrading.


Username Profile dnf current dnf previous Comments
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bt0dotninja VMware based server
pwhalen Fedora-Server-armhfp-29-1.2-sda.raw (QEMU)
pwhalen Fedora-Server-armhfp-30-1.2-sda.raw (QEMU)
xiliang@redhat.com AMD KVM Guest [1] 1. Upgraded from f29 to f31 smoothly.


Username Profile dnf current dnf previous Comments
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Username Profile graphical upgrade dnf upgrade current dnf upgrade prev Comments
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archmunky Cinnamon Spin: Qemu using ext4 filesystems
pwhalen Fedora-Xfce-armhfp-30-1.2-sda.raw (QEMU)


Username Profile dnf previous dnf current Comments
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alciregi Raspberry Pi 3 armv7hl
lnie kvm based VM
lruzicka Various machines, VMs
pwhalen Fedora-Minimal-armhfp-29-1.2-sda.raw (QEMU)
pwhalen Fedora-Minimal-armhfp-30-1.2-sda.raw (QEMU)
pwhalen Seattle Overdrive (aarch64)
sumantro Minimal QEMU
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